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Elena Vetluzhskikh

Trainer & Consultant
Русская версия


Workshop: Developing of BSC. Integration with system of compensation.

The participants will gain practical experience and skills for the development and implementation BSC, will be acquainted with implementation of BSC in USA and Russian companies and integration with compensation system ( tied to KPI).

Seminar program:

  • BSC development and implementation in Russian companies.
  • Integration with system of compensation. Compensation system oriented at achievement and implementation of strategic goals. Two approaches: systemic and individual.
  • Correlation variable part of the total comp package with KPI department, KPI employee.
  • Constraints in efficiency of using BSC and KPI. The importance of aligning personal and organizational objectives and KPI.
  • BSC general development and implementation stages.
  • Practical work (training) of design BSC anв system of compensation for Russian manufacturing -trade company ( working in groups).

Duration: 1 day 10 AM - 5 PM

Author and Speaker: Elena N. Vetluzhskikh, HRM consultant and business trainer. E-mail: seminar@sky.ru





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