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Consulting Project "Developing Motivation and Payment System"

Goal: Increasing the company productivity by means of : a complex system of motivation and payment; ultimate use of human capital.

2 variants.

Variant 1.

Step 1. Diagnostics (analysis).

Questioning of subdivision managers (and determining the motivation factors);
Analyzing the questionnaires;
Reporting on the diagnostics.

Step 2. Two-day seminar "Practical Aspects of Developing a Motivation and Payment System".

Day 1: Presenting up-to-date payment systems to executives.
Day 2: Developing KPI for department/subdivision managers.

Step 3. Developing a project "System of payment (based on the results of the company's diagnostics and motivation factors)".

The pay system is developed a working team with the consulting assistance.
The duration of consutation depend on the customers' needs to improve and correct the developed system.

Variant 2.

STEP 1. Diagnostics.

Determining the factors motivating the employees (questionnaires + interview).
Analyzing the existing payment and motivation system used in the company and finding out whether it correlates with the company's (subdivision) goals.

STEP 2. Developing a payment and motivation system.

1. Determining the tasks of a motivation system.
2. Analyzing the factors motivating employees.
3. Developing a project "System of payment and motivation".
4. Presenting the system to top management:

  • Presenting the results of the diagnostics, analysis of the level of employees' satisfaction with job and motivation factors.
  • Presenting a project.
5. Project discussion, making corrections.

STEP 3. Introducing a payment system.

Preparing employees to changes.
Developing a program of step-by-step implementation.


  • A diagnostics report (including the questionnaires analysis).
  • A Project "System of payment and motivation".
  • A questionnaire for satisfaction employees analysis and to determination the motivation factors.
  • Regulations on personnel payment .

Consulting projects are realized for small and medium companies ( up to 600 employees)

Author and Speaker: Elena N. Vetluzhskikh, HRM consultant and business trainer. E-mail: seminar@sky.ru





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