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Workshop "Development of Payment System"

Day 1. Developing of the Salary System

The participants will learn how to estimate the jobs (positions), how to form a system of "grades" in the company and how to determine whether it is expedient to implement the above system in their company.

  • Components of a compensation system.
  • Forming the invariable part of the salary based on the value of a job/position for the company.
  • "Grades" system. Hay-method. Methods of Hay Group Company.
  • Estimating factors and sub-factors. Determining the value of factors.
  • Levels of assessment by sub-factors. Description of levels.
  • Calculation of points. Estimating grade values. Table of grades.
  • Estimating a salary value according to grades. Range of grades.
  • "Hands-on" experience of American and Russian companies.
  • Cons and Pros of the "grades" system. The effect of the system application.

Case. Developing a matrix of "grades" for a production and commercial company. Presentations of participants. Trainer's comment.

Day 2. Practical Aspects of Developing Effective System of Payment by results.

  • Goal setting in a SMART format. "Decomposition of goals" principle. Matrices of goals.
  • Identifying the employee performance efficiency: calculation of the Integral Performance Indicator.
  • Correlation between awarding bonuses and attaining company goals, department goals, and employee's individual goals.
  • Identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of employees.
  • Correlation between KPI and reward. Measuring criteria.
  • Reward matrices (tables).
  • KPI for production enterprises; bonus criteria.
  • KPI for sales and marketing departments.
  • Stages of developing a complex personnel reward system.
  • Success factors of introducing a new motivation and payment system.

Case Study "Developing a KPI for a production and commercial company". resentations of participants. Trainer's comment.

Practical training: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
The number of participants is limited (up to 14).
Work format: a master-class with mini-lectures, exercises and case study.

Author and Speaker: Elena N. Vetluzhskikh, HRM consultant and business trainer. E-mail: seminar@sky.ru





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