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Workshop "EFFICIENCY GENERATOR for Executives"

The master class aims at increasing the efficiency of management by means of training and improving the skills and techniques of logical thinking:

  • for dealing with problems and conflict situations;
  • for improving the ability of developing strategies that actually lead to achieving both company and personal goals;
  • for developing and analyzing the effectiveness of the decisions made, including the decisions made in the situations of choice;
  • for developing creativity and generating innovations;
  • for successful implementation the preplanned changes.

You will master new management approaches (coaching methods included) using of which will enable your employees to solve problems and make decisions independently. This will let you discover your additional time resources.

In general you will learn how to use a system approach that ensures the sustained improvement of every business process and an incredible bound forward of your company.

The program includes:

  • Achieving a systemic goal. System optimization. Synchronizing the efforts to achieve the ultimate result.
  • Constraints of system. 5 focusing steps for sustained improvement of your business.
  • Process of logical thinking for problem solving. Current reality tree. Discovering the core problem.
  • Conflict solving diagram. Behavior styles in a conflict situation.
  • Optimal ways of attaining one's goals. Method of generating ideas. Transformation tree.
  • Decision making. Advanced ways of decision making. Solving the problem of choice. Cartesian questions. Analyzing the efficiency of decision making
  • Motivating employees to achieve their goals. Improving employees' efficiency.
  • Dealing with a resistance to change. How to overcome resistance of employees?
  • Determination of employee values. Robert Dilts Logical levels. The important elements of corporate culture.
  • Delegating authority and responsibility. How to set the right tasks for your employees?
  • Providing feedback. How to give and receive the feedback that stimulates the employees' development and ability of independent decision making.
  • Developing your own objectives. Balanced life goals
  • Key factors of manager success ( conclusions of management gury )

The Master Class is based on the methods of E.Goldratt, M. Atkinson, Thomas-Killman and the author's findings.

The duration of the workshop is 2 days

Author and Speaker: Elena N. Vetluzhskikh, HRM consultant and business trainer. E-mail: seminar@sky.ru





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