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Elena Vetluzhskikh

Trainer & Consultant
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Customers of consulting and seminars:

N-Tagil Metallurgical Industrial Complex. Joint-Stock Company, Ural region
A.K. Serov Metal Working Plant", Joint-Stock Company, Ural region
"PROTEK" , Joint-Stock Company , Moscow
"Sportakademreclama" , Ltd., Moscow
"Intourist", Joint-Stock Company, Moscow
"Vneshtorgbank", Moscow
Trade company "VELS", Vladimir
UKOS. Joint-Stock Company, TOMSK
"UralTelecomservice" Service centre, Ekaterinburg
Trade centre "Uspenskiy", Ekaterinburg
" NAUMEN", Ltd., Ekaterinburg
"Ural Diesel Motors Plant", Joint-Stock Company, Ekaterinburg
"Uralstroymontazh", Joint-Stock Company, Ekaterinburg
"Uralsviazinform", Joint-Stock Company, Perm
"Norilskgasprom", Joint-Stock Company, Norilsk
"ISTRA" Ltd., Tyumen and other companies.

Reviews :

Seminar "Developing and Introducing Employee Motivation and Payment Systems - Practical Aspects"

"Vneshtorgbank", Moscow, Head of Personnel Department
Plenty of new information. Interesting hands-on material, pleasant working atmosphere.

"Nastroyeniye" Joint-Stock Company, Moscow, HR Manager
I've learnt much about the functioning of different foreign and russian companies. I've extended my knowledge thanks to the excellent work of an "engaging" trainer Elena Vetluzhskikh. I will use what I've learnt here for the development of a motivation system in my company.

"Ural Diesel Motors Plant" Joint-Stock Company, Ekaterinburg, Head of Personnel Department
I found the seminar very interesting and efficient and liked the methods of teaching. Those involved in production processes need practical recommendation and advice rather than academic stuff. The group was in effect the target audience. Though the participants came from different enterprises they all had common goals to be solved in specific companies. And the number of participants allowed everyone to get answers to his or her question.

"Ecoplast" Joint-Stock Company, Ekaterinburg, Director
The issues discussed in the seminar are highly topical. I appreciate every piece of advice and information shared by the business trainer. The group exercises, problem solving followed by feedback and analysis of mistakes helped us create a clear employee motivation and incentives system and an idea of restructuring the work with employees. I suggest that the seminar is 3-4 days long to allow more time for discussing issues and participants' questions in greater detail.

Workshop "Development of Payment System"

"Video International", Moscow, Specialist on Compensation Packages
A very good seminar. The practical part was most interesting. It was very useful to meet my colleagues and discuss different matters with them.

"Uralstroymontazh" Joint-Stock Company, Ekaterinburg
The theme of the workshopr is very important for my company. We need to develop an advanced payroll system to motivate employees for solving problems and attaining their goals. We will try to introduce the discussed alternatives and MBO method in the workplace. The handouts will help us in our everyday work.

Seminar "Improving the System of Personnel Management"

"A.K. Serov Metal Working Plant" Joint-Stock Company, Head of Sales Department
Most of all I liked the personnel assessment system. I enjoyed the team work with cases. The trainer is a qualified specialist working on a high professional level.

"A.K. Serov Metal Working Plant" Joint-Stock Company, Head of the Open-Hearth Plant
The seminar has helped me revalue my knowledge and draw the right conclusions regarding the personnel performance motivation and incentives as well as their effect on the increased performance productivity. The seminar appeared to have the right combination of different high level teaching methods.

Workshop "EFFICIENCY GENERATOR for Executives"

"Instrument TTC" Joint-Stock Company, Tyumen, Financial Director
I liked the qualification and competence of the speaker, the course organization and the handouts.

Quarry "Khrustalnaya Mountain" Ltd., Ekaterinburg, Head of HR Department
The workshop was rather useful. Complicated issued were presented in a very clear and easy-to-understand way. Many practical cases, specific exercises, case study and slides helped facilitate the learning process. The case study and discussions contributed to the practical orientation of the workshop. The training process was rather intense, yet the atmosphere was very comfortable and the organization was great.

"Akvatel" Ltd., Tyumen, Director
The workshop was rather interesting. To know a lot of useful Instruments. I plan to use it for decision making in my company.










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