Елена Ветлужских. Бизнес тренер Косультант по управлению

Elena Vetluzhskikh

Trainer & Consultant
Русская версия


Elena Vetluzhskikh

Work Experience:

present time
Freelance Business Trainer, consultant of some Russian leading educational companies ( freelance)
Cooperation with such companies as Business-school " Expert", ICT, RFEP
( Moscow), "Potencial", URSIB ( Ekaterinburg) and other.
Consulting in the field of personnel management, specialization:
Design system of motivation and compensation: job evaluation methology, MBO and KPI. Realising consulting projects for small and medium companies.
Lectures and trainings in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Tumen, Novosibirsk.
2003-2004 Audit firm "ADK-audit" ,
Business Trainer, Human Resources Management Consultant
2002- 2004 LTd.Co "Telecommunication company "LINKOT"
Deputy General Manager
2002- 2003 Advertising-publishing Company "REAL"
Head of personnel department
1992- 2001 Tourist firm "UNONA",
Director and owner
1990-1992 Youth Travel Bureau "Sputnik"
Senior Manager
1983-1990 State bearing plant, Engineer


2001- 2003 Ural State University , psychology of management and social psychology

2001- 2002 President 's Management Training Initiative, Management by personnel

1979 - 1983 Ural Technical University, physics of metals.

Courses and trainings:

2001 Great Britain. University of Central Lancashire. Lancashire Business School.
2001 Business school "MIRBIS" (Moscow), Management by personnel
2002 Ural State University .Theory and methods of holding trainings.
2002 "Germany Companies Experience in Human Resources Management" training course.
2003 USA, "Business for Russia" program, training in the field of personnel management .
2004 -2005 Merilin Atkinson. (International Ericson University) Course "Coaching in Management" Proffesional Coach Certificate

Publications in different Russian magazines (about 16)
E-mail: seminar@sky.ru
Web-site: seminar.sky.ru










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