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Developing and Implementation Motivation and Compensation Systems - Practical Aspects

2-day practical workshop for top-managers, HRM directors, company CEOs and leading specialists in charge of the development of personnel motivation and compensation systems.

By the end of this seminar the participants will get valuable practical experience and skills required to work out and implement the results-oriented compensation systems. The participants will acquainted with the latest trends in the field of personnel compensation and study the cases showing the way to apply a complex system of material and non-material motivation of personnel (workers, specialists, executives) in Russian and Western companies, they will get useful instruments to be used in their organizations.


Principles Underlying an Effective Motivation and Compensation System

  • Developing of a complex personnel motivation system aligned with the company goals.
  • The main principles of the motivation theory. Motivation factors. Correlation of the incentives being used and the needs.
  • Factors affecting the efficiency of a motivation and payment system.

Design of the Invariable Part of the Salary (Salary System).

  • Components of the compensation system.
  • Forming of the invariable part of the salary. The "grades system". Hay-method.
  • Cons and Pros of the "grades system".
  • Practical use of the system in American and Russian companies.

Exercise. Development of the "grades" matrix for a production and commercial company.

"Management by Objectives" (MBO) is a basis for developing an effective system of payment by results (developing and monitoring the variable part of the salary).

  • Goal setting in a SMART format. "Decomposition of goals" principle. Matrices of goals.
  • Identifying the employee performance efficiency: calculation of the Integral Performance Indicator.
  • Correlation between awarding bonuses and attaining company goals, department goals, and employee's individual goals.
  • Identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of employees.
  • Correlation between KPI and reward. Measuring criteria.
  • Reward matrices (tables).
  • Cons and Pros of the MBO methology.

Exercise. Creating a personal map of goals in the "Management by Objectives" system, assessment of results, calculating the bonus part.

Practical aspects of forming the salary variable part.

  • The main approaches to forming the reward variable part. Bonus systems for production enterprises; bonus criteria.
  • Forming the bonus variable part for trade companies: for sales and marketing personnel, sales departments. Case study.
  • Practical aspects of treats and bribery system. Cons and Pros.
  • Different countries' experience: USA, Japan, Germany.

Benefit System (Social Package).

  • Examples of the benefit system (social benefits) in Russian and Western companies.
  • "Cafeteria Principle" - an approach that ensures the benefit system efficiency.

Case Study "Developing a motivation and payment system".

Non-Material Motivation of Personnel.

  • Main components of non-material personnel motivation. Case study of the Russian companies' practice.
  • Moral motivation. Psychological factors.
  • Coaching as an efficient method of personnel motivation.

Introducing a New Payment System.

  • Stages of developing a complex personnel reward system.
  • Solving the problems arising when changes are being implemented: personnel resistance, etc.
  • Success factors of introducing a new motivation and payment system.
  • Criteria of payment and motivation system efficiency.

Seminar hours: 2 days, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. / 6 p.m.

Forms of activity: the seminar is held in a workshop format with the use of theoretical material, hand-outs, exercises, case study.

Author and Speaker: Elena N. Vetluzhskikh, HRM consultant and business trainer. E-mail: seminar@sky.ru





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